Friday, March 6, 2009

BYU Basketball

So the season is almost over and I haven't blogged a single thing about it. I wanted to add a few pictures on here that I took.
BYU had a fantastic start and lost a heartbreaker to Arizona St. They lost by shooting a last second shot at the buzzer. They made the shot, but it was too late. Then BYU had another big game against Wake Forest. This game was in the Marriott Center, so we thought this was our chance. We were up by as much as 8 at one point, but we lost the game. This was one of the loudest games I've ever heard. Kirk, Brian, and I were all at that game. We had to stand behind the last bench, so we didn't get to sit the whole game.
The other big game at home was the Utah game. At this point, BYU is 2 games behind Utah in the conference. They have a better overall record, but if Utah wins this game, then they seal up the MWC championship. It was so big of a game, that students camped out for it in order to get seats. For students, it's first come first serve. I got there at 9:00am on Saturday and there were at least 1,000 people ahead of me. I stuck it out and hoped for a good seat. While I was standing there, Athletic Director Tom Holmoe came around and talked to people. I told him to save me a seat which when I saw him later, he told me he saved the seat that I got. Funny...
Jimmer Fredette and Lamont Morgan Jr. (two current BYU players) also came around. I joked with them for a little bit and got a picture with them. Note that I am taller than both of them...

After we got into the stadium, we were at the top of the lower bowl. Almost perfect seats, if you ask me. Being closer is fun, but I like where we were. Kirk and I were there and Kendra came with me. It was again one of the loudest games that I had been to. BYU was trailing by 2 at half in what was an ugly first half. In the second half, BYU started really well and started to get the crowd into the game. Jackson Emery then hit a 3 putting the Cougars up by 1. This was incredible and the crowd erupted! Then Lee Cummard stuffed Luke Neville, a guy who is over 7 feet tall. This made the crowd even louder. It was over from there as Utah never took the crowd out again. BYU ended up winning by 13.

When BYU won this game, it put them just one game behind Utah. Utah just played New Mexico this last week, in New Mexico. New Mexico one the game and it put BYU, New Mexico, and Utah all in a tie. BYU swept San Diego St., so if all 3 of the top teams win tomorrow, BYU takes the #1 seed in the tournament. What a crazy turn of events.

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