Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BYU 47, Tulsa 55

My brother Brian came over to my house and we watched the game on my projector screen. The game was actually televised on a station other than the MTN, so I could watch it. The MTN is a channel that isn't widely spread throughout the nation and I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have access to it. This game wasn't affected by that though.
The game started off with each team scoring right after the other. It was an all-offense game. The tough part was that Tulsa would score in 1-2 play drives. BYU would work their offense in a normal fashion and they would finish in 8-9 play drives. Toward the end of the first half, BYU got the ball back and pulled ahead by a field goal. I thought, this is the end of the scoring.
When the teams came out in the second half, there wasn't as much scoring, but there was still a lot. BYU was again plagued by penalties and turnovers. That's again what caused the loss. BYU, again, almost pulled it off toward the end of the game, but fell short.
My brother and I enjoyed watching the game, but we certainly hoped for more. This put BYU at 1-2 for the season. I still believe that this season will be okay. Conference play now starts and we'll see the true test of the conference with Air Force.

BYU 17, UCLA 27

Devin, Derek, Eric and I all began our journey to LA by car. We made our first stop in Vegas and stayed in Palace Station Hotel. We arrived early enough to enjoy Las Vegas or at least the little there is to enjoy there. We headed to Fremont street to check things out there. We stayed out pretty late, but not too late. We still needed to make a long drive in the morning.

When we woke up in the morning, we enjoyed a breakfeast buffet before we took off. It was a good buffet, but you know how Vegas is with the prices, etc.

Off to LA to enjoy what was there. We stayed with some relatives of Devin's and it was totally worth the stay. They were very hospitable and made sure we had everything we needed, plus more. Wonderful food and a spacious house. It was incredible!

We spent the night there and the game was the next day. We drove part way to the stadium, then met up with the family we were staying with. We all carpooled closer to the stadium.

The game was definitely worth it. BYU fell early and was trailing 20-3 at one point. The first half was rough as a BYU fan. Max Hall experienced a "young game" of his career. He was blindsided on one play and threw an interception as well. The interception came on a closing drive on the game where BYU could have pulled ahead. The score was 20-17 and BYU was in the redzone ready to score. An interception gave UCLA the ball back and the defense couldn't stop them from scoring again. The biggest thing that made BYU lose was the penalties. There were too many penalties and turnovers for BYU to battle through this one. There was also an interception made by Kehl that wasn't given to BYU. At the stadium, we saw the perfect view for the play, but the refs didn't get the same view. It was unfortunate, but there were too many mistakes to recover from this one.

BYU made the game close enough that it was definitely worth the trip. The next day we drove straight home to Orem, UT.