Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Blue Bash

My brother Kirk and I attended the Big Blue Bash in Salt Lake City. We rode our bikes up as it was perfect weather to do so.

As we go there, we found a parking spot and went right in. We were both carrying our mini BYU helmets to have signed while we were there.

We bought our Fully Invested T-shirts and went in to find a seat. We got great seats, near the middle, but a few rows behind the speakers.

After the beginning, we headed back and got some Autographs. The picture above is Max Hall signing my BYU helmet. My helmet now includes Jim McMahon, Brandon Doman, and Max Hall. I still have some QBs to add to it.

We enjoyed the talks that the speakers had to give. Max Hall and Bryan Kehl poked fun at each other and it was enjoyable to listen to. Hall was asking Kehl where he was at practice, cause he didn't see him (implying that the Defense didn't even show up).

Eric Drage and James Dye were the legends at the event. Drage told Hall and Kehl that he expects an 11-1 season.

Overall, it was a great event and it pumped us up for the season. We saw some great highlights and reminisced over the great season we had last year.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Las Vegas Bowl 2006

My Family and I packed up our stuff and headed down to the Las Vegas Bowl for 2006. My Brother Brian and I stayed at the Hilton just off of the strip. It was an okay experience, but I am glad I didn't pay full price for the Hotel. We did enjoy a nice breakfast buffet though.

We arrived the night before the game so that we could walk around Las Vegas for a day. After our buffet, we hit Circus Circus where I got my face painted like a cougar.

At the game, we sat in the endzone around row 30. 16 of us were there as we enjoyed watching the Cougars cook the Ducks of Oregon.

BYU started the game a little rough and I was getting a little worried. However, the defense was shining and continued to do so throughout the entire game.

After the first couple of drives, BYU started to score at will. Jonny Harline (13) proved to the defense that he should have been voted as best Tight End in the nation. He was awarded the MVP for the game. John Beck also had a wonderful game and set a few records.

At the end of the game, my friend and I ran out on the field. We jumped onto the field with about 2 seconds left in the game to try and be some of the first ones out there. We were able to jump around with the team and celebrate. I also listened to Jonny Harline in an interview and had him sign a program afterward.

After the game, we went to another Buffet and then went to bed. We traveled back the next morning feeling great from our victory!