Saturday, July 25, 2009

Football Season is anew!!

The BYU football season is about to start again. My heart is pumping and I am really excited!! The season will start with a game in Texas and my Dad and I will be flying there. I will definitely post pictures here, once it is complete. BYU will be playing against Oklahoma in what will be the first football game ever played in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

As far as my life goes for the past little while... I am still at eBay and was recently promoted to Supervisor. I Supervise our prohibited items team. They monitor things like, sale of firearms, fireworks, military supplies, police supplies, nazi products, etc. It's exciting and I am really liking it.

I have been participating on a BYU ultimate frisbee team and we just entered tournament play. We won our first game 12-4 and we will be playing the best team in our division, besides us, on Thursday. :)

Other than that, my summer has been consisting of Real Salt Lake soccer games, Bees baseball games, spending time with the family, and whatever else I can think of that sounds fun.

Here are some highlights for BYU football to get you excited about the season!