Friday, September 5, 2008

BYU 41, UNI 17

BYU opened up the 2008 season with Northern Iowa. Northern Iowa is a team from the FCS, not the BCS. That just means that BYU should blow them out because they're a league higher.

BYU opened up to a 20-3 lead, but later it was closed to a 27-17 lead. There were some mistakes on both offense and defense that made this happen. Fumbles are the fans biggest concern right now.

Max Hall showed that he still has "it" by throwing for almost 500 yards and a pair of TDs, with no interceptions. Hall did fumble once in the endzone and that led to a TD for the other team. I would blame that on the OLine though. Dennis Pitta was Hall's main receiver, catching for over 200 yards. He will be a main contributor this season.

I took Kendra to the game and we both had a blast! There was somebody on our bench that shouldn't have been there, so it was a little scrunched. Okay, so we were realy scrunched. We were short a seat, but we improvised. We had so much fun though. I took my motorcycle and Kenj rode on the back. It's still nice to get that premium parking and be able to pass all of the cars.

This was the first game that we sat in the student section. Brian, Kirk, my roommate Derek, and I all have All-Sport Passes. We are in the endzone on row 18. We got some pretty decent seats. I would like to be about 10 rows behind us though. I think we're a little too close to see what is happening at the other end of the field.

After the game, Kenj and I went to join the rest of the family at the storytelling festival. We heard a couple of stories and they were pretty funny. My Grandpa was in the hospital and we found out he had cancer and was not doing well at all. We ended early and My Mom, Dad, Bethany, and I all headed out to South Dakota in one night. That is where the night ended.

After a week in South Dakota, we found that my Grandpa has improved quite a bit. He was barely responding when we go there and he was attached to a breathing tube that was keeping him alive. The last day we were there, he was in a chair and talking to us. He is still a little confused and will never be the same. It was good to see that he recovered the way he did. He was nice to visit both my Grandma and Grandpa.